What Is It That Can Be Purified?


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RTR at OKC Brussels, June 2016
The teaching on the topic What Is It That Can Be Purified? was given by Rinpoche at OKC, Brussels.

8 June, 2016

What Is the Relevance of Meditation in the Modern World?

RTR at Bodhicharya Belgium. Photo by Carine Deland.

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KSD de Belgique Visite de RTR


The teaching on The Relevance of Meditation in the Modern World was given by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at Kagyu Samye Ling de Belgique in Beaumont, Belgium. There are two versions of the recordings available, one with French translation and the other without translation.

4 May, 2016
English / French translation


The photo is from Rinpoche’s teaching at Bodhicharya Belgium in Brussels, with courtesy of Carine Delande.