An Update for Online Shedra Students

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche is now on tour in Jakarta and  Singapore. In Jakarta he is attending a global Buddhist conference as the keynote speaker, and after that he will teach in Singapore. You can find the details in Rinpoche’s Travel Schedule.

Rinpoche may not send a new Bodhicharyavatara video teaching until he has returned home later in December, but he will try to send a new questions and answers video from the tour.

There is an extended timeline until Sunday December 11 for the questions regarding the latest teaching, BA4_21-27. As usual, you can send study questions after that date too, via email to studyquestions[at]

We are now sharing some of Rinpoche’s wonderful teachings on the Dohas of the First Karmapa Düsum Khyenpa.

These three teachings, 6 videos in total, were recorded on Rinpoche’s spring tour 2011 and are now published here in the Online Shedra. The lifestory of Düsum Khyenpa and a teaching on one of the dohas have already been posted and three more videos will be added during the next two weeks.

You can send study questions also regarding Rinpoche’s Düsum Khyenpa teachings either by leaving a comment on the Doha teachings page or by email.

If you have any other questions or any wishes concerning the Online Shedra, just contact us through the contact form or send email to shedra[at] We are happy to receive your feedback and develop the Online Shedra according to your needs.


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