BA2Q4 Questions and Answers 4 (Chapter 2)


With this video (BA2Q4), Rinpoche again answers some of the questions submitted by the Online Shedra students regarding prostration, which was discussed in Rinpoche’s teaching on stanzas 24 and 25 of the second chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara.

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If you prefer listening to the teaching in audio, use the audio player below.

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The audio as well as the audio translations in different languages and the transcript of this teaching are all available on Chapter 2 page.

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1 thought on “BA2Q4 Questions and Answers 4 (Chapter 2)

  1. Lynda

    Rinpoche, thank you for your very clear and helpful answer to my question about prostrations (BA2Q4). I have an additional question. I have practiced hatha yoga for many years and in some ways this links in my mind with doing prostrations. In the west hatha yoga is often taught as a physical rather than spiritual discipline. Would it be appropriate at the beginning of a hatha yoga class to silently say the refuge prayer, and at the end of the class to silently say the dedication, to make the yoga class more clearly part of my dharma practice, also trying to be mindful during the class (focus on the asanas, not be too distracted in my mind)?
    thank you for sustaining the shedra teachings during your travels – it is much appreciated.

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