BA4Q1 Questions and Answers 1 (Chapter 4)


With video BA4Q1 Rinpoche answers the questions submitted by Online Shedra students concerning the first stanza of the fourth chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara and some other topics.

To view the video, simply click on the image to view all the Chapter 4 videos.

If you prefer listening to the teaching in audio, use the audio player below.

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The audio as well as the audio translations in different languages and the transcript of this teaching are all available on Chapter 4 page.

If you would like to volunteer in making transcripts of Rinpoche’s online teachings, or in making audio translations to your own language, please email us at shedra[at]

1 thought on “BA4Q1 Questions and Answers 1 (Chapter 4)

  1. trish

    Thank you Rinpoche for these very clear and accessible teachings. I’m on chapter 4. Thank you also to the Online Shedra team and all participants for comments and questions which have also been so helpful for me. My wish is that Rinpoche you may stay long with us in this and future lives to help us all to understand and practice The Way of The Bodhisattva to the best of our abilities. My question is I tend to be more conscious of the negativity in my mind and my negative actions and to minimise the positive aspects and positive actions. I seem to have fear about giving too much attention the positive because it may cause a sense of pride that is not useful. Could you please comment?

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