BA6_34-49 No Reason to Be Angry with Those Who Harm Us


The third way of practising patience towards those who are causing us harm is by understanding why it is not reasonable to be angry with them. This is Rinpoche’s commentary on stanzas 34 to 49 of the Sixth Chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara. (BA6_34-49)

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The audio as well as the audio translations in different languages and the transcript of this teaching are all available on Chapter 6 page.

We are also studying the commentary transcript on Chapter 6, which you can download here and in the Library. Further recommended reading: the commentary book by Kunzang Pelden (Khenpo Kunpal), The Nectar of Manjushri’s Speech, p. 208-210.

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2 thoughts on “BA6_34-49 No Reason to Be Angry with Those Who Harm Us

  1. Lynda

    Dear Rinpoche
    I have a question about stanzas 48 and 49. If it is the case that those whom we feel are harming us are in fact creating negative karma for themselves so actually they are the ones who suffer more, should we not be trying to help them to understand their anger better? I ask this because yesterday I tried this approach and it did not work out at all well. So is it best if we do as advised in stanza 33 and “remain serene” when friends get angry?
    Thank you Rinpoche for these teachings – they are extremely helpful.
    kind regards

  2. Lynda

    Dear Rinpoche
    I have been listening again to your commentary on stanza 47 – that ultimately our own negative state of mind is created by ourself and that people harming me are like instruments that are used to inflict misery on me, actually created by my own karma. With regard to my question above, does this mean that my focus should only be on decreasing my own negative reactions by practicing patience?
    thank you

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