Inside Room 102

Of this Art Deco cinema-hotel
a youngish Orson holds his second wife,
a most erotic black-and-white embrace:
his right hand firmly grasps her pale left arm,
her head tilts slightly back and to the left,
the lips just barely parted with suspense;
The Lady from Shanghai is being shot-
a tale of murder, lust, deception, guns-
and Rita’s shorter bleach blonde tresses
are framing her new femme fatale, Elsa.
Her neck and shoulders are completely bare,
an eylash casts a shadow on her cheek.
She leans back for the kiss and holds her breath,
then tumbles into drink, dementia, death.

Maeve is a winner of the Listowel Writers’ Week poetry competition for a single poem, and conducts haiku workshops with adults and children.A lecturer in Media Studies, she lives in DublinMaeve’s new collection of poetry, Elsewhere is available from Alba Publishing.

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