BA1Q11 Questions and Answers 11 (Chapter 1)


Rinpoche has returned from the tour in Thailand and now, with this video (QA11/BA1Q11), answers some of the questions of the Online Shedra students again.

To view the video, simply click on the image to view all the Chapter 1 videos.

If you prefer listening to the teaching in audio, use the audio player below.

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The audio as well as the audio translations in different languages and the transcript of this teaching are all available on Chapter 1 page.

If you would like to volunteer in making transcripts of Rinpoche’s online teachings, or in making audio translations to your own language, please email us at shedra[at]

2 thoughts on “BA1Q11 Questions and Answers 11 (Chapter 1)

  1. kmuktidoot

    I need to know how I must handle people:
    1) For whom I have done work and have not been paid for.
    2) Given money for something in return and they are not giving the goods or returning the money.
    3) People robbing for the home.
    I try and keep equanimous and think maybe they need it more so forgive them….but sometimes tend to get upset but get better as I get aware of my state of mind…
    I need some help in handling this better….

  2. Lynda

    Rinpoche, it is such a pleasure to have the shedra teachings again. I found the first question and your answer to it very inspiring. I often think about your poem beginning “A seed of a loving thought…” and it seems to me that it could be about aspiring bodhicitta becoming active bodhicitta. Is that a correct understanding?
    thank you

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