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Merry Christmas 2003!

It was the merry Christmas day. The wise men saw a shining star A baby was born in a humble home. That was the beginning of a bright new hope. The star of limitless love, Can shine in every humble heart. And that is the beginning of a new hope For this world that is […]

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Prayer for Peace

I invoke the blessings of omniscent and omnipotent, I invoke the blessings of All enlightened and realised beings, I dedicate all the power of positive deeds that I have done and will do. May the suffering of violence and bloodshed come to an end in this world. The cause of violence is hatred, greed, jealousy

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Aunt Palu

She was still dancing at eighty-five And singing at ninety. She aged gracefully And died peacefully. In her ever smiling face, You would never notice The painful life that she lived In the bloody 20th century. She lost her husband To the Chinese bullet And both her sons One after another She lost everything That

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A Prayer For The Year 2002

I pray to all those who are blessed with compassion and wisdom, I pray to all those who have the power to dispel from our minds The darkness of ignorance. In this world of ours, That is filled with hatred and misguided faith, Greed, distrust and arrogance, Which generates bloodsheds, fanatism, Exploitation, disharmony and suppression.

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