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The Tibetan Art of Healing

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The first time I think I was enchanted by the Tibetan Knowledge of Healing was when I was in Dharamsala, India. I took a friend to see the great Tibetan Physician, Dr Yeshe Dondon, one misty winter morning.

My friend had told me she had cancer and needed help.  She was a visitor to this hill town, the home of His Holiness Dalai Lama, where I lived. After waiting since six in the morning , in line, we finally went into his consultation rooms. The Tibetan Doctor, took a sample of her urine, and he bustled into his courtyard to test it. He returned, without a word. He then looked at her kindly, and rather deeply and seemed to scan her body visually. He then took her pulses for some time.

What arose was astonishing. He said to my friend : “You have three small tumours, one here and two there. “  He pointed his finger to an area of her breast and two other spots nearby. At the end of his consultation, he asked my friend how long she was staying in Dharamsala, and she said three weeks. He recommended she lengthen her stay to six, and that she stayed at the hospital.  He said he would remove ‘this one’ very quickly and the other two would take more time. But he told her he would take care of her. And there should be success.

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