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  • Holy Isle Retreat: Maeve O’Sullivan

    this wee island birthed from Lamlash Bay * * * mandala garden – a pair of chaffinches over the daffodil beds * * * Good Friday: a blackbird moves the earth by the Buddha’s thigh * * * fragrant rosemary in the wish-fulfilment garden mother’s roast lamb * * * mistle thrush the birding website…

  • Edinburgh Festival 2023

    Edinburgh Festival 2023

    Click on each image for an expanded view.            

  • Lecture du poeme le chant de la DAKINI par Yumma Mudra

    Lecture du poeme le chant de la DAKINI par Yumma Mudra

  • Holiday and Postcard from Bodhicittaland

    Holiday and Postcard from Bodhicittaland

            Holiday  I’ve booked my holiday to an exotic place, the cost is priceless, the journey endless, the signposts glisten, the way is near, not far away   I need to pack some precious jewels I make my choice:   Kindness and Generosity Compassion and Gratitude Patience and Tolerance   Respect and…

  • Helen Sherlock-Jones:  Holy Isle Poetry

    Helen Sherlock-Jones: Holy Isle Poetry

      HOLY ISLE DORMITORY… Quiet, Peaceful, Comfort for me, Time to reflect on what I see. All my buttons are already being pushed, I want it to be over now but this can’t be rushed! Time to go inward and see what is there, I can be Quiet, Peaceful and find Comfort anywhere… It is…

  • 3 Haiku by Monica Kakkar

    3 Haiku by Monica Kakkar

    infinite echoes of primordial waters cadence of a conch ***** haiku 2 freshwater cradle Mansarovar on my mind circumambulate ***** haiku 3 dandelion orb flowers in where nothing is cloudy cup of tea ***** Biography Monica Kakkar is savoring her freedom, peace, silence, and solitude. She is learning to explore, express, connect, and celebrate through…

  • Holy Island Teaching With Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

    Holy Island Teaching With Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

    The following photos were taken during Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching on Holy Island this July.   For a high-definition view click on each photo. All photos by Yeshe Dorje

  • Mo Wilde on the Wilderness Cure

    Mo Wilde on the Wilderness Cure

    Monica Wilde presents her ideas on foraging in three videos.  Below is the first part.   I am a forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist. I live in West Lothian [Scotland] in a self-built wooden house on 4 organic acres where I am encouraging medicinal and foraging species to make their home, creating a wild, teaching…

  • A Sojourn in Nepal.

    A Sojourn in Nepal.




    Flowers have been used to signify peace for millennia.  Lavender is said to be the ultimate peace flower, though many others are recognised as symbolising concord and harmony:  apple blossoms, lotus flowers, lilies, and white poppies are said to help bring tranquillity and peace to our lives. Below is a link to a public group…



    CHILDHOOD Long time he lay upon the sunny hill,       To his father’s house below securely bound. Far off the silent, changing sound was still,      With the black islands lying thick around. He saw each separate height, each vaguer hue,      Where the massed islands rolled in mist away, And though all run together…



    (A Satire against “Kommandatur”) An old charcoal-seller Cutting wood and burning charcoal in the forests of the              Southern Mountain. His face, stained with dust and ashes, has turned to the colour of smoke. The hair on his temples is streaked with gray: his ten fingers are black. The money…



      The Four Reminders can help with facing the reality and preciousness of a human life, the importance of impermanence, and the imminence of death: Ringu Tulku’s words on the Four Reminders, from the Ngondro book: “Precious human life endowed with every freedom and assets. It is difficult to get and can be easily destroyed,…


    The following photos are part of a collection of plants and insects photographed by Bill Grosart. To enlarge, click on the photos.  

  • Karma Changchub: Photos from

    The following photos were taken by Karma Changchub in East Ayrshire. Enlightenment, inherent though it is in the mind, seems so difficult to unveil. But if you develop fervent devotion and fuse the guru’s enlightened nature with your ordinary mind, enlightenment can be realized. Truly, to meditate on the benevolent teacher is a spiritual practice…

  • Wasp on the Prayer Flag

    Maeve O’Sullivan is a Dublin-based member of Bodhicharya Ireland. In Wasp on the Prayer Flag, O’Sullivan’s fifth collection with Alba Publishing, the years 2018-2021 are chroniced in the forms of haiku and senryu verse.  The three sections, Seasons, Sequences and Senryu, bring to the reader Maeve’s lucid observations of life in Ireland and abroad.  This latest edition…