Holiday and Postcard from Bodhicittaland









I’ve booked my holiday to an exotic place,
the cost is priceless, the journey endless,
the signposts glisten, the way is near, not far away


I need to pack some precious jewels
I make my choice:


Kindness and Generosity
Compassion and Gratitude
Patience and Tolerance


Respect and Equanimity
Diligence and Wisdom
Spaciousness and Application


I need to take some protection
I make my choice:


I need to take some insurance
I make my choice:
The Ngondro


The clothes I need:
A warm heart embellished with clear seeing


I shall dine on gratitude
I shall walk with joy
I shall welcome all and lend a hand


As step by step I walk my way to my chosen place in


Postcard from Bodhicittaland

Dear All
Having fun, lots to tell, fantastic place,
Clothed in peace.
Basking in spaciousness
Sky like nature of mind in view.


My I just melts
Transformed into unity.
My baggage drops
My spirit soars
Equanimity first stop.


With ease, I see and play
The kindest words, the most generous acts.
I walk with Love
I swim with Compassion
And dance the night away with Wisdom.


The food is nectar, the water pure
The folk are realised and what’s more,
I meet Rinpoche at every turn.
Such ways for him to manifest
So many ways that we are blessed.


Margaret with Rinpoche

With love, friendship and gratitude

This poem is dedicated to the loving memory of my late husband, Bob.

In 2004 we were sitting in a cafe, Bob, my late husband, was struggling to drink a cup of coffee, having a lot of paralysis from a stroke and severe depression. I wished for respite, a holiday,. I picked up a paper serviette and a pen, and spontaneously the words above appeared on the serviette.

The above holiday that manifested in front of my eyes was so uplifting. I felt refreshed. This brought strength and benefit to both of us. And a smile!

Margaret Richardson

Margaret Richardson has been training and practising Buddhadharma since the early 90’s. Her first encounter was with the Zen school. In 1998 Margaret met Ringu Tulku in England, and felt an instant heart connection. She has received teachings from eminent Tibetan masters.
Since 2003 Margaret has been helping raise awareness and help for Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s village in the remote Himalayas of Rigul, Kham, Tibet. She is interested in interfaith and secular ethics. She is a member of the Religious Society of Friends the Quakers.


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  1. Palden Tsultrim Yönten Avatar
    Palden Tsultrim Yönten

    Just beautiful, dear Margaret.

    You are a precious jewel in our sangha.

    Thank you for everything.

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