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  • Edinburgh Festival 2023

    Edinburgh Festival 2023

    Click on each image for an expanded view.            

  • Holy Island Teaching With Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

    Holy Island Teaching With Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

    The following photos were taken during Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching on Holy Island this July.   For a high-definition view click on each photo. All photos by Yeshe Dorje

  • A Sojourn in Nepal.

    A Sojourn in Nepal.




    Flowers have been used to signify peace for millennia.  Lavender is said to be the ultimate peace flower, though many others are recognised as symbolising concord and harmony:  apple blossoms, lotus flowers, lilies, and white poppies are said to help bring tranquillity and peace to our lives. Below is a link to a public group…


    The following photos are part of a collection of plants and insects photographed by Bill Grosart. To enlarge, click on the photos.  

  • Karma Changchub: Photos from

    The following photos were taken by Karma Changchub in East Ayrshire. Enlightenment, inherent though it is in the mind, seems so difficult to unveil. But if you develop fervent devotion and fuse the guru’s enlightened nature with your ordinary mind, enlightenment can be realized. Truly, to meditate on the benevolent teacher is a spiritual practice…

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  • u3a Photographs

    The following photos were taken by members of  Photography 4 of University of the Third Age, Edinburgh. Every month the members decide on a subject and submit a few photographs on Dropbox followed by a viewing on zoom.  At other times, one member gives a presentation about some aspect of photography. Our group leader, Geoff Gardner,…

  • Why I Love Glasgow/London

    My name is Hilary Harris – since retiring from my catering business after 25 years, I have been fortunate to undertake some spectacular world travels. I have photographed some great images to capture these memorable journeys


    Photographs submitted for the University of the Third Age Photographic Group Edinburgh. Subject:  Black and White            

  • Photographs by Yeshe Dorje

    I can’t remember where in India I took this photograph of the butterfly. I was in a photographic shop in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura state in North East India and saw a photo on the wall which was uncannily similar to this one. When I was checking my photo against the one on…

  • The Cloud Appreciation Society: Photos

    The following photos were published on The Cloud Appreciation Society web pages.  Their intention is to promote the value of clouds in our lives and to make us aware of the infinite variety of forms in which they appear in the sky.  For a more concise description of the value of clouds, see their Manifesto.…


    The following photos were taken by members of Photography 4 of University of the Third Age, Edinburgh. Every month the members decide on a subject and submit a few photographs on dropbox followed by a viewing in a local library.  Our group leader, Geoff Gardner, encourages us to comment on the pros and cons of…


    Paula Proenca on the roof of Casa da Torre, Soutelo, Vila Verde, Portugal.  Photos:  A Harris  


          Caltha palustris var himalensis  IMG_6170 Rhododendron lepidotum Begonia picta Photographs of  Nepalese flowers by Dr Sangita Rajbhandari, Sangeeta Rajbhandary, PhD Associate Professor Central Department of Botany Tribhuvan University Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal Currently at Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh