u3a Photographs



Jigsaw post-processed on Photoshop by Bill Grosart.

The following photos were taken by members of  Photography 4 of University of the Third Age, Edinburgh. Every month the members decide on a subject and submit a few photographs on Dropbox followed by a viewing on zoom.  At other times, one member gives a presentation about some aspect of photography.

Our group leader, Geoff Gardner, encourages us to comment on the pros and cons of the photos which is helpful in allowing us to judge different aspects of the activity like lighting, framing, cropping, and other features of in-camera decisions and post editing processing using our chosen software.  
A.H. Editor


 Bill Grosart:  Down low and close up
John Ferguson:  Just passing through
Geoff Gardner:  Painter’s palette, anthurium
Geoff Gardner:  tulip tree


Bob Douglas:  Kirkgate above Currie late November
Yeshe Dorje:  Winter on Holy Isle Scotland


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