Helen Sherlock-Jones: Holy Isle Poetry




Dharmic Poetry


Quiet, Peaceful, Comfort for me,
Time to reflect on what I see.
All my buttons are already being pushed,
I want it to be over now but this can’t be rushed!
Time to go inward and see what is there,
I can be Quiet, Peaceful and find Comfort anywhere…
It is all my poisons flaring up in my mind,
Negativity and trying to control must be left behind.
I’m in a dormitory and I don’t like it at all!
I can’t sleep with all the snoring or any noise however small.
So what am I going to do?
I have to forbear so a change will ensue.
What a Fabulous way this has been presented to meditate,
One Pointed Focus as I contemplate.
This is my opportunity to put my obsessions to rest,
Thank You for being here Ringu Tulku Rinpoche I will stay and do my very best… 
(Helen Sherlock-Jones)
Written at 9.09am Tuesday 4th July 2023 in Holy Isle library before first Teaching and read out in first Session during Ringu Tulku Rinpoche Retreat

We are being taught Mahamudra – Stillness, Movement and Awareness oh my,
Up to this point in my life I’ve just been getting by.
This is a whole new concept above my pay grade,
I am looking back at the choices I’ve made.
Some were good some were not,
They have led me to the experience I have got.
We are all different, multi-faceted and unique,
And on the right path for the Wisdom we seek.
The Two Accumulations – Compassion and Wisdom have it all,
Have I got any? I sit and recall.
The first step for me is to actually be Aware,
Of how well I am not doing, it is good to share!
There is nothing, there is everything, it does not exist,
My mind makes it too complicated and tries to resist.
So what is time, where am I going, is there anything to fear?
It does not matter where I’ve been or where I am going I am ALWAYS HERE!

Holy Isle Retreat
I saw an otter at the end of Holy Isle jetty looking at me,
In my mind’s eye I saw it wink before it slipped into the sea…
It was by the steps of the jetty on the right hand side,
Which means to me the future and there is a turning of the tide…

So now I am sitting here with bare feet on the ground,
Contemplating and aware of Nature’s sound.
I feel my Spirit leave and walk around the Stupas now,
As I am sitting here Aware the vibrations allow.
As I sense my Spirit walking the Energy Grids and Ley Lines of this Sacred Land,
I feel Noble Green Tara hold my hand.
So I get up from my seat and do Kora around the Stupas and start to recite,
Green Tara’s Mantra and it feels so right.
As I am walking I feel my Spirit is there,
It did not leave me it just expanded and can go anywhere.
Thank you Ringu Tulku Rinpoche for helping me to train my mind,
I feel I have made a breakthrough and Enlightenment and Awakening is all there to find…
(Helen Sherlock-Jones) Written 9.21am Saturday 8th July 2023 Holy Isle near the Stupas.

This is a time of Transition,
Giving the opportunity to review my position.
What is necessary in my life to change,
Transform, Release, Heal and Rearrange?
A moment of quiet Inner Contemplation,
Reflecting on where I am and what is my station.
A train journey then comes to mind,
As I stop and start, leaving my past behind.
The train is myself continuing on,
Interaction and lessons learnt from everyone.
People I have met along the way,
Some come and go, others here to stay…
Karmic connections, paying debts as I go,
On my way but which is which I don’t know!
Decisions previously made I wouldn’t make now,
The richness of experience shows me how.
Onwards and upwards the train keeps going,
Sometimes too fast and there seems no sign of slowing.
Then all of a sudden the Universe applies the brake,
The train stops and I’m given the nod to take.
A much needed rest to recuperate,
From all that has happened on the latest adventure then it is time to wait.
For the right moment when I sow another seed,
Just like a bubble, I am self-contained and have everything I need.
Impermanence is the key so deep and profound,
I mull over the one hand clapping teaching, what is the sound?
All is a dream my own projection,
The answer lies within from introspection.
I have created my own World, my reality as a video movie scene,
My eyes see what my mind wants to see as as on a television screen.
This is my perception of how things really are,
In all good faith my Truth but short of the mark by far!
When putting my point across and sharing my view,
That is when I suddenly realise you have your own reality too!
I Am The Bubble, constantly in transition,
Seems I am not the only one, time to review my position…
(Helen Sherlock-Jones) Friday 27th January 2023.

Helen Sherlock-Jones writes poetry, which she says is a collaboration of Higher Forces together with her own open, honest and direct approach with a hint of humour added, capturing the essence of life as she sees it, as it is happening …


2 responses to “Helen Sherlock-Jones: Holy Isle Poetry”

  1. Vicky Avatar

    How wonderful it is to read Helen Sherlock-Jones’ poems that were so vibrantly and passionately recited ,and with Ringu Tulku’s agreement, on most days of our Course at the beginning of July 2023.
    The poems explored and expressed feelings that many of us shared, as we sat together with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in Peace Hall, on Holy Isle .

  2. Albert Harris Avatar
    Albert Harris

    Thanks for this, Vicky. We all enjoyed Helen’s heartfelt reactions to the teachings. (Ed.)

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