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 Lama Ngakpa in his room

Keeping an open mind, I decide I would like to have my prospects foretold by a Lama.  The idea of rolling the dice, reading the tarot, seeing angels in tea leaves, stirring the entrails of a dead goat, laying silver on the palm of a chiromancer or allying the state of one’s being to the configuration of the stars and planets used to be a no no with me.

But as there is a limit to our knowledge in a universe of infinite possibilities, and there is a diminishing amount of time in this life during which to discover just that little bit more at least about oneself, I decide to give it a go with Lama Ngakpa in Boudhanath, Kathmandu. Maybe I have become too cynical by shunning an opportunity to try something new, I think:  thus this new willingness to open myself to the experience of having my fortune/misfortune told.  Simply put by my daughter when it comes to her fate and fortune governed by the horoscope in her daily download, It should be fun.

The Lama’s room is next to a Buddhist clinic a few minutes from the main Stupa. Continue reading