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Black Friday

When you realize it’s black Friday

You are at home doing homework and your pencil snaps so you go to sharpen it but your electric sharpener is broken and  the next day is BLACK FRIDAY!!!!waiting and watching the commercials  and for once excited for the violence to start.Checking the clock every 5 minutes and you purposely get there a day early so you don’t miss a chance to fill your garage with products you won’t even use, but why not miss the chance of super cheap items.At Costco in the dark by the door with lots of people in line behind you just trying to get a flat inch TV for half the price .BOOM!!!! You check your watch and it’s 7:00  the time that costco opens and  you are  soooo close you can almost feel it and later when you are so close to a new samsung printer, but the women next to you  rolls over your foot with a shopping cart and you drop to the floor.You see a light  and you realize it’s the end but you gain enough courage to get back up and grab the last TV.Then you go get the bag of tomatoes and then get a new pair  of socks,water bottles and a new bed frame,but the time you get to the cash you pay the $50 but the cashier does not give you you change .Your are trying to rush out of there because you promised  yourself  to get to sephora by  8:00.Finally you say KEEP THE CHANGE so you get to sephora and go home.Your sitting on the couch just before bed and  you can’t stop obsessing over the new bed sheets you got for $5.You know your gonna have to wait another 365 days till next black Friday but it’s worth it.

Written when Mia Evans was 11

Interested in art, music, math, writing, science and environmental issues. Mia also loves playing on her ice hockey team and aspires to one day be a doctor.  Attends school in Toronto.  This was the result of a school project.


                Eye by Mia Evans


Toronto Canada


What is fear?

Fear can be many different things

You may be worried of what comes in the future

Scared of something in the present 

Or haunted by something from your past

When you are faced with fear what do you do 

Do they Fight or flight

Do they Panic or cry

Fear might Traumatize you for the rest of your life

What is fear?

Fear is like being in the basement

Alone and in the dark

Fear is like going to bed

Knowing there’s someone in the window watching your every move

Fear is like having a stomach full of butterflies 

But those butterflies are stabbing your insides whenever you try to speak

Your head is just overflowing with pain and thoughts of terror

When I was seven

I flew to Italy with my family

Then I wandered off one day

Not knowing what to do I panicked and cried

Looking for the slightest bit of hope 

Hours past and eventually I found my family

What is fear?

Truth is you’ll never forget what the fear felt like

But those feelings and memories is what makes you Who you are

Without pain there is no relief 

Without anxiety there is no serenity

Without fear, there is no hope

But in the end fear is as common as needing

water to live

What is fear?

Fear, can be many, different things


Mia Evans is a 13 year old 
Toronto High School Student
Interested in art, music, math, writing, science and environmental issues. Mia also loves playing on her ice hockey team and aspires to one day be a doctor.