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Andy with Rinpoche at the summer camp in Portugal, 2014

25 years ago I was trying to write a research methodology text book but was unable to so due to severe writers block.  This was making the lives of my friends in Glasgow a misery.  One day someone suggested that I go to a quiet place and complete the book and then return and behave as a normal human being again.  A few days later I found myself in a Tibetan monastery called Samye Ling in the borders of Scotland.   Here I managed to complete the section of the book I was responsible for (it was a collaboration) the book is entitled Management Research and was eventually published by Sage publications in 1990.

The day after I managed to complete writing the book I rewarded myself with a walk in the forest adjacent to the Samye Ling monastery.  It was here that had my first encounter with a Tibetan Lama who I was later came to know as Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.  Continue reading