Bodhicharya Publications

Bodhicharya Publications

Bodhicharya Publications CIC (Community Interest Company) was set up in order to publish Ringu Tulku’s teachings in written format, as small books – and soon e-books. We publish two series at present: the Lazy Lama series and the Heart Wisdom series.

The Lazy Lama books are A6 pocket-sized books on topics such as: Refuge, Bodhichitta, Meditation, The Four Noble Truths and Living Without Fear and Anger. They aim to be widely accessible and light-hearted, while imparting a clear description of key Buddhist topics.

The Heart Wisdom series are slightly larger, A5 format, and go into Ringu Tulku’s teachings in a little more depth. The teachings they include are pithy and simply-stated but at the same time profound, taking us right to the heart of Buddhist teaching. The series currently covers topics such as: ‘Dealing with Emotions’; Emptiness and Interdependence (‘Like Dreams and Clouds’), ‘The Ngondro’, and Working with a Spiritual Teacher, Death and Rebirth (‘From Milk to Yoghurt’). Our latest Heart Wisdom book, published last year, is called ‘Journey from Head to Heart’ and contains 37 short teachings on different subjects spanning the three vehicles of Buddhism, designed to be read one teaching a day.

Several more books are in the pipeline: a team of transcribers, editors, proof-readers, layout and administrative people working together to bring Ringu Tulku’s oral teachings into written format. All work is done free of charge and funds raised through the sale of books go to humanitarian and educational projects, under the umbrella of Bodhicharya.

To order books in bulk directly from Bodhicharya Publications, please contact us here.

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