Rigul Trust

We raise awareness and funds for welfare projects and poverty relief in Tibetan communities in India and Tibet.

Please help us and spread the word about our Humanitarian, Dharma and Ecological activities.

We give…….We all benefit……

At Rigul Trust we are about:We give.......We all benefit......

  • raising awareness and funds for welfare projects and poverty relief in Rigul, Kham, Tibet, the birthplace of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. We need as much support with this as we can get to allow the people in Ringu Tulku’s own village, in Rigul, to survive and flourish, they are in need of very basic resources and we are about poverty relief. We help the Tibetan in exile community in Dehra Dun, India who live in severe hardship and our projects benefit both the Tibetan and the local people of the region
  • offering a service to the Dharma by making available some of Ringu Tulku’s teachings with CDs, DVDs and other products.
  • helping with the development of an ecological awareness of growing and conserving sustainable medicinal and other beneficial plants.
  • We are helping with a pilot project for growing and preserving medicinal plants at Ringu Tulku’s Meditation Centre in Sikkim, India.
  • 100% of all donations go to fund projects in the field. 100% of all expenses are met by volunteers.


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Patron: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.

We are a UK Charity, Registration No: 1124076.

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