Why your help is needed now

This centre is the most strategically important of all the Bodhicharya centres that are overseen by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. It is in the capital city of Germany, and is situated in a central location where, with financial support, multiple objectives can be accomplished. The centre functions as a base for regular study and practice for Buddhists; here we also provide outreach help for the terminally ill, and the centre has the potential to be a truly Rimé community centre for people from all spiritual traditions. The photos below show the incomplete main shrine room. Before it can be used as such we must raise funds for insulation and heating.

Our fundraising campaign is led from and by volunteers at the centre, which also impacts upon how the available space is currently used. At present the shrine room doubles up with meditation, yoga, a cafe, as well as fundraising meetings, but ultimately our intention is that these activities will all have designated spaces within the complex. However we desperately need your help with further funding to complete the project.
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