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Please join us for these bi-monthly live sessions with Rinpoche and ask your question live or send them in advance using the comments areas or forms on any of the Bodhicharyavatara teaching posts or below.

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Rinpoche will start by answering a few of the written questions submitted via the website followed by questions asked live via Zoom.

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If there are no more live questions, Rinpoche will return to answering questions submitted via the website. If there are too many written questions to answer during the live session, Rinpoche may record an additional video session in which he will answer these remaining questions. This will be added to the Archive shortly afterwards.

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Your questions are most welcome. Archive members can log in and leave their questions for Rinpoche as a comment below, so that others can see them too. Please be concise and only use one short paragraph and less than 80 words. Questions longer than that may have to be edited. Questions will be collected from here in the evening day before each Live Q&A.

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These teachings are dedicated for all who are sick and dying of corona virus, and for all who are tirelessly working in order to help them.

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Jun 13 2021


14:30 - 15:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 13 2021
  • Time: 10:30 - 11:30

Zoom Webinar

Archive Team


Archive Team

5 thoughts on “Bodhicharyavatara Q&A

  1. Dear Rinpoche, a discussion arose in our group. Shantideva categorically refutes that the mind is “like the flame that illuminates itself”. Yet, in other contexts, we hear teachings about the self-luminous nature of mind. For instance, in the Nectar of Manjushri’s speech, in the commentary of stanza 34, the enlightened wisdom is referred to as “the sphere of awareness-wisdom self-cognizing”. Can you please help us be clear on why the Chittamatra claims of a self knowing mind are refuted and yet we accept the teachings on Buddha nature that use the concept of awareness-wisdom self-cognizing? Thanks. Michele

  2. Dear Rinpoche, we see these days everybody has a very strong opinion or a point of view on a certain topic. Often with a very proud attachment to a sense of being right. This as we see often leads to conflict among people. How should one practice to unify one’s sense of righteousness with emptiness and compassion, relating to oneself and others.

  3. Dear Rinpoche, what’s the best way to sustain the spacious, aware, compassionate mind throughout the day and in all of our activities?
    Thank you!

  4. Dear Rinpoche, after 3 months or so of solitary retreat I was feeling that the lack of new experiments and the lack of social interactions was deeply harming my mental health and that it was dangerous to continue, because I was becoming depressed. How to deal with that in retreat, which seems to be a biological effect of loneliness? Sorry that the question has no link with the ninth chapter. Louis

  5. Dear Rinpoche, I have a quaetion about karma. Do we deserve everything happening to us? I feel uncomfortable with the idea the jew people or black people or any oppressed people created themselves the causes for the terrible things others did to them. As far as I understand buddhism does not consider them innocent, is that correct? I feel it is inverting the role of the victims and the aggressors.

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