Consecration of the ‘Stupa for Inner and Outer Peace’ at Bodhicharya Huttenried in Germany.

einw 03On 2nd November a big group of Sangha members with children and relatives, and guests gathered in the Buddha Hall of the Dharma-Tor Centre to celebrate the new marble Stupa. The stone carver, who worked so well, joined this great event with his family and co-worker. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche granted us a guided Buddha Shakyamuni practice, a short teaching to the symbolism of a Stupa, and then blessed the Stupa in the garden with a wonderful and touching ceremony. Four nuns of the Theravada Monastery in our area offered a Pali Sutta which is often chanted during the consecration of a stupa. At the end of the ceremony we sent many balloons with prayers and auspicious wishes into the sky which went higher and higher by this wonderful weather.

The planning, preparation, and building of the Stupa happened over a period of about one year. We had many Sangha meetings with pujas for inner purification, making Mantra rolls and Tsatsas, and to bless everything again and again.

Now the Stupa is filled with precious traditional vases and Mantra rolls, which I brought from Dodrubchen Monastery in Sikkim, our own Mantra rolls, Tsatsas, Dharma scriptures, dried herbs and flowers, precious healing stones offered by our practitioners, some special relics offered by Rinpoche, and even CDs and DVDs with the Pali Canon, Agamas from the Sanskrit Canon, and the Kangyur and Tengyur to increase its power.

As a symbol of the enlightened mind of the Buddha, this Stupa shows the victory over the Mara of mind poisons and delusion. Now it radiates its blessings to dissolve negative evil forces and to support peace, harmony, healing in our mind, Sangha and Centre, in the families, the environment and the world.

We are very grateful to the sponsors outside and inside our Sangha, who made this project possible.

And we are happy that Rinpoche is very pleased by this Stupa.

Ani Karma Tsultrim
Dharma-Tor Centre, Bodhicharya Huttenried

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