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Auspicious Greetings for 2024

May the year 2024 start with auspiciousness. May it be auspicious in the beginning, middle and end. May it start auspiciously with the motivation of kindness, love and equality in every heart. May there be auspiciousness of friendship, respect and wisdom in the mind of all the beings. May there be auspiciousness of peace, prosperity […]

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Image of Rinpoche on Holy Isle

In Appreciation and Grateful Thanks to Our Precious Teacher’s Tireless Efforts on our Behalf

Dear Friends, Rinpoche is just coming to the end of his longest continuous teaching tour of Europe in the last 12 years (since I started to help Rinpoche with planning etc) – five months non stop! Immediately this finishes Rinpoche will fly to Canada to start another month’s teaching tour of North America. (See Teaching

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Summer Camp 2023

31st July – 6th August We are happy to announce that Summer Camp 2023 will once again be broadcast live from live in Casa da Torre, Portugal. The topic is yet to be decided. We hope to have simultaneous translations into French, Portuguese, German and Spanish. Online attendance will be on a donation basis. Donations

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Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

It is sad that Khenchen Thrangu RinpocheLeft his present manifestation.But I feel so fortunate to be in this worldWhen great beings like him lived on this earth. His humbleness, his scholarship,His willingness to teach and his ever smiling faceHis constant activities to help countless beingsThere was nothing in him that did not inspire me. He

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Film screening fundraiser for Bodhicharya UK

As part of Bodhicharya Kent’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, we are having a fundraising film screening of ‘Beyond Two Worlds’. This exquisite feature length documentary celebrates the life of Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX (1955-2012). You can view the trailer here. Recognised at the age of two as the 9th Traleg Tulku, Rinpoche escaped Tibet at

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European Teaching Schedule 2023

We are pleased to announce that Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching schedule for Europe 2023 is now finalised and available to view on his Teaching Schedule page. It shows all confirmed teaching events in Europe and the UK.  For further information about any of the events listed, please contact the locations/organisers directly using the links supplied on the Teaching

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Happy New Year 2023

The signs of degenerate times are even clearer.Effects of war and pandemic continue to torture the whole world.Extreme weather screams of environmental tragedies.The future does not look good for this world of ours.And yet this is no time for us to weaken.The real solution lies in each of us.Let us turn the hatred into kindness.Let

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