Many Roads is changing!

Dear Friends

Many Roads is changing!  Following discussions about how best we can present all the great articles etc that we have received for sharing in Many Roads, we have decided to take forward the idea of our e-magazine in a slightly different form.  Instead of posting two or three issues a year, we will, from now on, post articles and poems; reviews and photographs; personal stories; advice on health issues; recipes and just anything of interest, on an on-going basis. Perhaps once a week, or even more frequently depending on the material we receive.

I will still be chasing those people who have promised me contributions for the magazine but I want to hear from many more of you! Do you have anything you want to share?

 And to start off our new style magazine, we have a very special article which comes highly recommended by Ringu Tulku.   Please go to where I will explain more.

 Margaret Ford

For Many Roads

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