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Our latest article is an account by Yumma Mudra of her meeting with Jack Niland and the profound effect it had on her life.   Her journey takes her from the streets of Paris in 1977, the influence of Trungpa Rinpoche and her establishment of the Danza Duende Network.  She speaks of her revelation:

“As I entered the mandala of the Master, my mind was immediately fully linked to the Dharma as if I had found the very reason I was on earth. Because, I thought all of humanity was “out of our mind”, my life made not much sense at the time. Dancing seemed to be the only space of sanity inside of me.”

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Bert Scott writes about the musicians who have influenced him and his journey with his guitars through the years and his experience with various genres from Johnny Rae to the present.

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Bodhicharya Caribbean Blog

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Finally, Karma Changchub’s photos of the woods in East Ayrshire, Scotland, are a pictorial record of the Autumn sun.

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Wishing everyone peace and happiness over the coming month
Albert Harris, Ed.

Yeshe Dorje: Wild swimming in Portobello


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