A Poem for Rinpoche by Maribel González.



The intention of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
is none other than to benefit all.
If when relating to great masters
I get a different result
it’s only because of my past deeds

The nature of all phenomena is empty
and as a mirage all appears.
Depending on many causes and conditions
also my emotions, confusion and doubts arise.

Using the platform of wisdom
I’ll surf the waves of delusion
and crossing the ocean of ignorance
reach the golden beach of Dharmakaya.

May I always find in future lives,
teachers compassionate and wise.
May those teachers show patience
with someone like me.

About the author:

Maribel first met Ringu Tulku in the Autumn of  1997 in Barcelona and at that time was not a Buddhist. The following year, when Rinpoche returned to Barcelona, she took refuge with him in the Kagyu Samye Dzong there.  After that, Maribel contributed to his work by  translating the first Lazy Lama booklet into Spanish and travelled from time to time to receive his teachings here and there. She is presently living in Barcelona and works as a teacher in a primary school.  
She follows the study programme on the online shedra and feels very happy with it. This poem was the fruit of the inspiration that she received this year from receiving Rinpoche’s teachings in Barcelona in May.


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