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Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. -Martin Luther King Jr.

In this issue of Many Roads for Bodhicharya, Annie Dibble has written about her experience at the inception of Akong Rinpoche’s Back to Beginnings psychotherapeutic approach to “therapy” (the closest translation of the Tibetan word “sowa”).  Annie’s involvement with the development of the programme brought her into contact with Lorna Watson and Bill Trotter who were to establish a recording studio to preserve teachings at Samye Ling.  Bill Trotter joined in 1989 and  worked in partnership with Lorna Watson.

Annie’s account of the development of the programme and the contribution made by Lorna Watson and Bill Trotter makes for fascinating reading.
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Snow & Rumours Of Snow
Timo Antero Raunela is a Finnish expat living and working on Holy Isle off the coast of Arran on the West coast of Scotland.  Almost seven years in the making, Snow and Rumours of Snow draws its inspiration from the Timo’s experiences of being a long term member of the spiritual community on the island. While on occasions the author casts his ‘fishing net’ of writing to memories and places thousands of miles away, the mystery and intrigue of his home island, with its long Christian spiritual history and retreat experiences within the confines of retreats, as well as the magnificent surrounding landscapes of the Isle of Arran, are really the main characters of this collection of prose poems.

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