Autumn Editorial



Autumn teaches us the beauty of letting go.
Growth requires release – it’s what the trees do.
Aloha Ka’ala

The season’s change has brought to mind the necessity of understanding the nature of impermanence.  The trees are shedding leaves in the gales. In Canada, this time of year is rightly called ‘the fall’.  Sheltered inside the house, the sound of soughing trees at the bottom of the garden is a constant reminder that Autumn has come early.

This issue brings some articles from familiar sources.

In the video Lecture du poeme de la DAKINI movement in dance is performed by Yumma Mudra.  She moves spontaneously to the words of Trungpa Rinpoche inspired by nature.

A Sea Change by Rinchen takes us on a voyage from the Caribbean and towards a realisation that there is a ‘disconnect’ between expectations and reality.

Margaret Richardson “appeared” toward the end of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching in Portugal.  She recited her heartfelt verse onlineHoliday and Postcard from Bodhicittaland:  both uplifting to Margaret as well as the reader.

Photos from the Edinburgh International Festival are a brief retrospective look at this World-Event throught the eyes of four photographers.

Lastly, the recipe for falafels adds a taste of middle-eastern spice to a cold season ahead.


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