Bring Sickness onto the Path by Ani Karma Tsultrim



The time of “being sick” is a precious retreat.
The uncertainty of not knowing what will be
opens the experience of vivid nowness.
That is the life as it really is – moment by moment –
not knowing what will be.
That is emptiness in which everything is possible,
in which we are able to let go.
We just have to recognise that – and to accept.
Then everything is OK what ever will be.

Then there is no identification with sickness.
It is just a change in the impermanent body.
Changing happens all the time.
Sometimes we just recognise it more.
Don’t be disturbed by that.
Stay free, open and clear… as you really are.
Then you transcend suffering and pain.

This poem came out of my mind, when I had a cancer operation
Ani Karma Tsultrim, September 2009


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