“We’re becoming addicted to the Karmapa” [Paraphrased from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s speech at the end of H H Karmapa’s first visit to Europe.]






The Karmapa’s visit to Kamalashila and Berlin has been the highlight of 2014.  Thanks to the efforts of all the people involved in this memorable visit, the Karmapa’s charismatic presence was felt by all.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the programme at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin.  But Annie Dibble has penned a coherent and heart-felt response to Karmapa’s visit to both Kamalashila and Berlin.

A special thanks must also go to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche whose eloquent interpreting of Karmapa’s words sustained the flow of the teachings, expanded on by Karmapa’s interjections in English.

In this edition, one more recipe from Indra Majupuria for vegetable pulao is also included.

Another photo/poem from Jaiya John is on our poetry page.

Dickens’ character Mrs Malaprop has lent her name to many mistakes made in the English Language.  Here are a few – Malapropagation.

Lastly, I’ve published an article written by Upasana Pokhriya, The Ten Commandments for Women in India, originally published in a previous edition.

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For the next issue, photographs, music, film and book reviews, poetry and recipes are welcome along with anything else you would like to submit.

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