Yeshe:  Centaurea Montana Perennial Cornflower


War is not the answer
A Buddhist peacemaker, Thich Nhat Hanh describes his own efforts to bring succour to villagers in Vietnam suffering from the war in spite of his opposition to the position of the government.  Hanh was a pioneer of Engaged Buddhism involving his activism in both inner and outer conflicts.
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Flowers for peace
Inspired by the present situation in the world, Dorje Lama has posted photos of flowers under the heading Flowers for Peace.  There is also a link should readers be inspired to post some of their own creations on Facebook.
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n contrast to a situation of turmoil and doubt, the Orcadian poet Edwin Muir portrays the peace and stillness of a child’s life in the islands of Scotland’s north.
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The Charcoal Seller
Translated by Arthur Waley, this poem is taken from a series of poems depicting the exploitation of a peasant.
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Neurodiversity and Creativity
Dr Kai Syng Tan is an artist,  curator, researcher, and consultant who lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University.  She is known for her interdisciplinary/intercultural approach to making interventions in the world around her.

She was diagnosed with ADHD in 2015 and since then has become an advocate for the notion of neurodiversity.

She initiated a major arts/science collaboration to explore ‘mind wandering’
and co-founded the Neurodiversity in/And Creative Research Network.

Jane Clark talked to her in Manchester via Zoom.
The article appears in Beshara Magazine, Issue 21, 2022, Remarkable Lives
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