Editorial August 2011



As the lazy days of August gradually fade, I am very happy to send you a slightly ‘thinner’, but none the less, an entertaining issue of Many Roads.

Our regular contributor, Vicki McKenna gives us some food for thought in her article, Letting go of Being Right. This is a topic close to my heart because, of course, I always think I’m right!  And, this month, I’m taking the  opportunity to write about something else very close to my heart; Kindness.  Very often I find myself wondering, why can’t we just be a bit kinder to each other? Let me know what you think.

Once again, we have a surfeit of beautiful poems.  Firstly, Madeline Schreiber shares her very recent poem in praise of HH Karmapa: Nomad Dharma King. Then, David Gardner makes me smile with his poem House of Meringue. And Colin Moore, whom you will remember from last month’s issue and his article Sustainable Living, this time shares a poem Awake in the Dark.    

As many of you will know, Bodhicharya has set up a new  network of communities at http://bodhicharya.intouch.net which includes a community for writers and poets. So, I am very pleased to include three poems here that have previously been posted on the Writers and Poets Community.  We have;  Devotion by Isabel Rodrigues and two Haiku by Tharlam Gyamtso and Minna Stenroos.

I hope you will find some things of interest in August’s issue of Many Roads and I would like to thank all our contributors this month.  I would also be very grateful for any articles or poems or anything you would like to share for forthcoming issues.

Please email me your contributions to manyroads@bodhicharya.org

With all best wishes,

Margaret Ford

Bodhicharya’s Many Roads.


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