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This last month has brought some significant changes in my life.  Not only have I taken early retirement from my job in the civil service but my two sons, both in their mid-twenties, have also moved out of the family home into their own place.

If I’m completely honest, leaving my paid work after 30 years in an office environment has been more of a relief and one I don’t regret.  Sure, the work was ‘okay’ and the regular salary was nice, but the freedom of not being tied to a (flexi) nine to five existence is really great.  My sons leaving home has been another matter.  I’ve been a mother for nearly 38 years (I have an older daughter who left home about 15 years ago) and I guess my main focus has always been about caring for them; feeding, cleaning, clearing up after them.  So, now there are no ‘children’ I begin to wonder, ‘what do I do now?’  And before you all shout that Dharma practice is about accepting change , I can only say that I know, I know, but…………………….. Maybe I’ll write more about big changes in another issue.

And of course I have more time for Many Roads and this Spring issue is  bursting full again of brilliant articles, poems and art.  Vicki McKenna, who has agreed to be a regular contributor (thanks Vicki!), shares again some of her down to earth wisdom in Get Yourself Connected.  Dirk de Klerk has sent us a very beautiful and moving piece about his friend Jean Paira Pemberton in The Enjoyment of Sound and Anne Vosse has written a fascinating article about teaching  BEING happy in her school in Germany.

I am really pleased to include an image of a beautiful painting by Andrew McConnach and I’m including details of his web site so you can see more of his work.  And, two great poems; firstly, another poem Electronic Consorts, from Madeline Schreiber who is fast becoming my favourite poet.  Also,  Broken Heart Poem from Heidi Trondsen from Oslo.

With many thanks to all our contributors.  Thanks also to Jet for her help and support with this issue.

Please do keep sending me your articles, thoughts, comments, poems, painting, photos and anything you want to share.  Please send to manyroads@bodhicharya.org

Wishing you all well.  


Margaret Ford

Many Roads



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