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I am very happy to send you all the July issue of Bodhicharya’s Many Roads.   There are so many great pieces this month and it is a bumper ‘poetic’ issue!

We have another article from our regular contributor, Vicki McKenna. Vicki reflects on All the Time in the World and how we can change our perception of time.  Next, an article from Colin Moore which I know will interest many of you. It is Sustainable Living and Colin explores ‘ how Buddhist teachings can shed light on the various ecological and social disasters looming ahead, and how they might aid our responses to them.’

The first of our poems is from Shelagh Gardiner and is a beautiful poignant study of impermanence in Passing.  Then, a very clever poem from David Gardner called May the Jewel of Compassion arise in the Lotus of your Heart. In Snapshots from Journey to Sikkim by Marion Knight, Marion shares with us two of her very lovely poems written during and following a retreat at the Bodhicharya Meditation Centre in Sikkim.

In our Reviews section, Vicki Mc Kenna returns to review Gesar Mukpo’s documentary film Tulku. If you have also seen the film, your comments would be welcome.  My favourite part was actually the extended interview with Dzongsar Rinpoche in the ‘extras’.

So, July is almost gone.  It has been a strange month, overshadowed of course by the tragedy in Norway.  But, I wish you all the very best for the coming month and I hope to be able to share more articles and poems and whatever contributions I might receive at the end of August.  So please do keep sending them to me at manyroads@bodhicharya.org

With many thanks to all the contributors this time.  Also, thanks to Minna for her technical help and to Jack Ford for patiently helping his mother with the layout of the Sikkim poems.

Now, enjoy!

Margaret Ford

For Many Roads


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