Editorial: Mind, Life and Swimming



I have two more great articles for you. 

Annie Dibble was fortunate enough to be in Gangtok in December 2010 during the International Conference on Science, Spirituality and Education which was attended by HH Dalai Lama, as well as many other respected Lamas and specialists in the field of education and science.  Annie will send us her report from the conference in three parts. 

Please go to the International Conference on Science, Spirituality and Education for the first part. The other two parts will follow soon.

Vicki McKenna has been has been practising acupuncture in Scotland for more than twenty five years and is the author of “A Balanced Way of Living; Practical and Holistic Strategies for Coping with Post Polio Syndrome”.  Vicki shares with us her joy in swimming, in water and in life, in her article The Trick is to Keep Swimming!  If you are stressed and need some tips about how to relax, you will love this article. And if you just like swimming, you will love it too.

Please keep sending me your articles, poems etc.  I will be posting as many as I can over the coming weeks.

Please email with your contributions and any views you have about the new format of the magazine to manyroads@bodhicharya.org

Take care.

Margaret Ford

Bodhicharya’s Many Roads


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