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Included in this issue of Many Roads for Bodhicharya is an account of Maggy Jones’ tragic accident and her consideration of the merit of donating parts of her body after death.  This is surely an ethical question that must be faced while alive.  In the context of Buddhist beliefs, there may not be an answer to the question that would satisfy all.
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The following email arrived concerning the number of tigers in the wild having increased worldwide.  Kathy A. Miller, Assistant Outreach Manager, World Animal Foundation, refers to a review written by Pat Little in 2011, The Lost Land of the Tiger.  


I noticed that your article references an outdated stat. You mentioned that there are “3,000” tigers in the wild. Based on our most recent data, these figures have been updated, and According to the latest research and data, there has been an increase in the number of tigers, and now The Total Number of Wild Tigers Worldwide is 5,574.

As one of the leading organizations in advocacy, It’s the World Animal Foundation’s utmost duty to ensure such statistics are current, not just on our platform but also on other relevant platforms.

Having recently revised our article with the newest statistics, I wanted to share this so you might consider a similar update, or if you are considering to write on this topic in the near future.

For your reference and to verify the new statistics, please visit our page: https://worldanimalfoundation.org/advocate/animal-captivity-statistics/

To provide your audience with direct access to the latest data, we’d be grateful if you could link to our article when making the update.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Best Regards.

Kathy A. Miller,

Asst. Outreach Manager

World Animal Foundation



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