Editorial- Summer is here!



As we roll into the Summer months the days are longer and, even in Scotland, we are enjoying some (very occasional) sunny days.  Now is the time to feel good to be alive! But, if you are not feeling so happy then Vicki McKenna’s article on Happiness will be just what you need.   Also, if you have time to look at those lovely clear skies, then you may be interested in my ramblings about how I deal with some of the biggest changes in my life in  Sky-Watcher.

We are very rich in poetry in this issue; firstly, another great poem from Madeline Schreiber titled Quartz.  Then, Maribel González shares with us a poem she dedicated to Ringu Tulku, A Poem for Rinpoche.  Rinpoche enjoyed it so much he asked her to send it to Many Roads.  And Lastly, an amazing poem from Nepal, The Beggar by Laxmi Prasad Devkota, which has been translated by Albert Harris from the original Nepali.

I hope to continue to publish more of your articles etc over the coming months, so please keep sending them to me at manyroads@bodhicharya.org   With grateful thanks to all those who contributed this time.


Margaret Ford

Many Roads


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