Electronic Consorts by Madeline Schreiber



This is very very fine
Top o’ the line
Top o’ the line
Talk to my friends any time
Day or night, any time

Hang together vajra lovers
Hang together, don’t let go
Turbulences always happen
Don’t let go, don’t let go

There never was
There never is
This path of ours is joy
It has its own logic, fractal logic
Our path is colourful and curvy                                 

After spending time in limbo                  
It is apparent; there is no choice          
Following bright lights
Exploding with colour 
Following the path
The path of joy
Letting go will be required 
Letting go is recommended                                      
Thinking this way, once again
I feel familiar crazy wisdom 

Lovers stand steady
Lovers hold firm
Keep your eyes clear
Your voices are sweet
Your smiles eclipse the sun and the moon
Your tears wash away the eons of karma
Your blood holds the messages of the ages
Your skin is a safe place to land
Your teeth and nails are sharp enough
Your heartbeats are inscrutable 

This is very very fine
The love we share is
Top o’ the line

December 2009
Nova Scotia

About the Author : Madeline first encountered the Dharma in 1966.  She practiced in the Rinzai tradition of Zen Buddhism for the first ten years, and then moved to Boulder, Colorado to study with Trungpa Rinpoche.  In the late 70s and early 80s Trungpa Rinpoche encouraged many of his students to move to Nova Scotia, Canada, and to make that location the centre of the Shambhala organization.  Madeline accepted that invitation and has been at home in Nova Scotia since 1982.


One response to “Electronic Consorts by Madeline Schreiber”

  1. Heidi Trondsen Avatar

    Beutiful poem. Daring, using passion as the path. Well written!

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