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When our hearts meet,
there is no need for words,
nor songs or poems,
no need for theory or dogma or prayers.
We are together,
just one heart
when our hearts meet.
By Margaret Ford
In the beginning of my pre-Copernican solarsystem
    Did not admit rays of Dharma.
But as my klesha’s raged upon
    Voids of my samsaric expanses
Slowly realizing their non-centric
    Being–my kleshic planets
Wobbled eccentrically in their orbits.
So now my solar being luminates
    Enough to reflect Buddha Nature for others.

Poem from Travis Edwards,
Bodhicharya Oklahoma, Tulsa,OK usa


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  1. isabel rodrigues Avatar
    isabel rodrigues

    Margaret, your poem is a tool for everyday life. So open… to share with trust. I like it.

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