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Dear friends and readers of Many Roads

I am happy to take on the task of editing Many Roads and look forward to receiving posts from contributors.   The articles and poetry published in past editions  have all been welcome and I look forward to receiving writing in the less-used categories of  Music and Photography as well as Fictional Writing.

Finding the writer in you is a bit like being mindful of the potential to express one’s experiences in the best communicative way.  This could be through any of the media mentioned above.  And I will welcome submissions on a wide variety of subjects. 

Now we need contributions from you.  This is easily done by sending an email to manyroads@bodhicharya.org along with any  photos; and a brief updated bio-data would also be appreciated which can be attached to the email.  Please post your submissions by July 31. 2013.

Lastly, a big thank you to Margaret Ford for her work in past publications.

Wishing you all well in your endeavours

Albert Harris

For Bodhicharya, Many Roads


4 responses to “Hello from Albert Harris”

  1. mfordscot Avatar

    Well done Albert. Wishing you well with this.
    Margaret F

    1. Albert Avatar

      Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  2. Rahima Avatar

    Hello Albert

    Thanks very much for the latest Many Roads edition. It is packed with life and energy.

    I particularly enjoyed the article on attendees of the Holy Isle Retreat this year.

    It is so interesting to hear how we all came to meet Ringu Tulku and follow the teachings.

    best wishes for the next editions

    many thanks Love Rahima

    1. Albert Avatar

      Hi Rahima
      Thanks for your comment. How would you like to write a short article about how you came on to RTR? That would be very interesting. Maybe 500 to 1000 words along with a short bio-data and maybe a photo. Let me know.
      L & P

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