Letting Go of Ávila




IMG_0829I could have travelled there today,
could have walked its medieval walls
and lit a candle for the vulnerables
in the Basilica de San Vincente.

I am letting go of the eagle caves, the cathedral,
and the Monasterio de Santo Tómas,
but most of all, the Convento de Santa Teresa,
housing her ring finger, and her ring.

She let go of wealth, of marriage; encouraged
her sisters to leave off their shoes,
moved beyond pain, beyond words of prayer
to a place of ecstasy, then tears.

I am letting go of all of this
in the district of letters where brass
poems are set into the very ground.
it is love alone that gives worth to all things.



Dubliner Maeve O’Sullivan’s work has been widely published and anthologised for twenty years. Her collections  poetry (Vocal Chords, 2014), are from Alba Publishing. 

Published in the 2014 collection Vocal Chords (from Alba Publishing).

      Twitter address @maeveos


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