May the Jewel of Compassion Arise in the Lotus of your Heart by David Gardner



Observing passing objects dissolve in liquid time,
Meandering poems emerging through the rhythm of the rhyme,

May, a month of blooming, transient flowers depart,
Arise, compassion in the lotus of your heart,
Nowhere is everywhere if you lose your strength,
Inward looking thoughts have immeasurable length,

Perhaps an education built on better floors,
Abandoning coercion, deception behind locked doors,
Divide the momentary friends, like pieces of a pie,
Mixed pictures of perfection are sure to make you cry,
Effort will reward itself, procrastination is a drug,

Have you ever witnessed a man become a slug?
Under starlit memories a petal will unfurl,
May, a month of blooming for every boy and girl.


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