New Beginnings: Editorial September 2012



As promised last month, I’m very happy to be able to publish another issue of Bodhicharya’s Many Roads.  With many thanks to the contributors; Albert Harris, Vicki Mc Kenna and Shelagh Gardiner who kindly share their work here. 

Albert tells us about his recent trip to Singapore in An Interview  with Johnny Ho.  Vicki, a regular contributor, gives us advice on Living in a Technological World.  And I hope you will find my take on Twitter, Tweet your Heart Out, of some interest.  Lastly, Shelagh, who has been involved in a number of editing projects with Ringu Tulku over the years, has sent us her beautiful poem, Teahouse Blossom.

Please do send me any articles, poems, reviews, photos or anything you would like to share with the Bodhicharya Sangha. You can leave comments at the end of each article or send them to me and they will be posted in our next issue. 

All contributions and comments to:

With very best wishes,

Margaret Ford

For Bodhicharya’s Many Roads


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