You. Yes you! Did you know that what you do to the Earth, you do to yourself?

When you nurture the planet, you look after your body. For only by nourishing yourself with food that grows in healthysoils, pollinated by insects, with clean water and the right amount of sunshine, does your body stay strong and free from disease. As as you are nourished so too is the Earth.

When you respect your Environment, you create meaningful relationships with others – both human and other than human – knowing that you are not alone in this path through life. Every relationship requires ‘give and take’, and we’re doing far more taking than giving.

When you trash the Earth, you pollute yourself, disconnected and severed from your roots, lost in materialism with a hunger that will never be assuaged, a lack of meaning, unloved. Poorly nourished both in body and spirit, the desertification and abandonment we see all around us will creep into your life and health too. If the bees, the birds and the wildflowers cannot thrive, then soon neither will you.

Safety Net, Spirit Network, Plastic Waste

Environmental action and personal transformation come together, and they can only come through your reunion with Nature and the natural world.

There is an urgency in Spring that says now, now, now. Now is the time for action. If each of us, each and every single one of us acts, deepening and restoring our vital connection then we shall survive.

Forget about politics, the leaders, the Trumps, the Mays, the Kardashians, the media. You have not just been betrayed – but you have betrayed yourself, and in doing so deeply wounded the land that so generously sustains all of Creation.

Action now lies with us. Action is in every single decision that you take about how to live your life.

It’s reflected in every single thing that you buy, consume and then recycle or throw away carelessly, sending your discarded mess to landfill out of your sight. Filling vast holes gouged in the belly of Gaia with everlasting polystyrene, plastic, nuclear waste. Or thrown from a car window in a thoughtless moment, to blow into a drain and make its way to the plastic soup we call the Sea.

Action is reflected in who your partnerships are with. Not just your family and friends but your bank, your supermarket, your electricity supplier, your farmer. Their Ethics are yours when you choose to be associated with them. Where do you stand?

It is in every breath that you take. Breathing fresh air made by the trees, or fumes of traffic and poisons from ‘air freshener’. The cities may be vast and the air hard to breathe but you can choose to plant a tree, or a herb, walk instead of driving, choose a palm-oil free biscuit that retains a little bit of rain forest, the lungs of this our Earth.

Action is in your every waking moment as well as your dreams.

Now is the time to become Conscious. You. Yes you



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