Poetry by Balach “Thutob” Kohjar





Stream Enterer
a hundred paths, a thousands tricks,

the sea is green, the sky blue,

many years for a moment.

How does the past delight and haunt, but as a thought?

How else do you experience future, but as a thought?

It is all real, but not really,

Seeing that, we continue playing.

Letting go of perfection, and of rejection,

Engage appropriately, contented, equanimous.

Acknowledging the role, joyfully we play,

Knowing it, thoroughly we love.

Continue mindfully, skilfully,

Until wisdom comes without effort.

No two sufferings, no two sufferers,

With compassion, we end, even the idea.

Wonder, wonder at the space,

Inner and outer, there is no boundary.

That too is a thought, remember!

Seeing that, letting go, be free. be. free.

What then remains? just the suchness,

I drink to the smiling stars, the great Buddhas.

Thank you and have a beautiful time!



One response to “Poetry by Balach “Thutob” Kohjar”

  1. Eliza Avatar

    So glad you are sharing poetry Balach! Thank you!

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