Praise to Tara





Praise to Tara

Homage to The Three Jewels

Homage to Guru, Deva and Dakini

Homage to you Tara, who bloom with love and compassion

Homage to you Tara, who dwell in wisdom and certainty

Look how you tend to pain and ease the afflictions of all

Look how you protect from dangers and lift the downtrodden

Look how you subdue all negativities and place beings in happiness and joy

Your enlightened form is shining with beauty

Like a 16 year old maiden in her bloom

Draped in silks, adorned with precious jewels

You appear in glittering rainbow colours

Your mind and heart is the union of ancient wisdom and eternal love

Manifesting here and now for the benefit of all

With Amitaba’s light sparkling in the topknot of your hair

You are sure to lead us to the pure lands

Tara, I take refuge in you, please protect and uplift me

Help me to be useful in my life, to really benefit myself and others

Help me to transform every negativity

And bring forth every good quality

Just like you have done

Your tiara shines in splendour

The five poisons having blossomed into their full potential

Let me become a wisdom holder just like that

Your left hand holds three precious Upala flowers, blue like the sky

In honour of the enlightened ones of the three times

Praise to all who have realized the unsurpassable Bodhicitta

Your right hand is in the mudra of giving

Whatever beings need and long for

Always pure, joyful, natural and relaxed in your nature

You rest on a beautiful lotus and moon disc

Your measureless intelligence and compassion shining out in all directions

Tara, compassionate guide of beings

Take me by the hand, help me avoid the lesser paths

Lead me to the higher realms of peace and love

Include me in your mandala of ambrosia so freely given

Let it flow through me and – as if by magic – on to all beings

Who are of the same nature, inseparable from love and light

And let them too become fearless and free like you

Tara, great protector

By the power of vows, interdependence and all our merit

Protect us from being imprisoned by negative circumstances

Protect us from losing our way, protect us from outer calamities

And the inner misfortune of being overwhelmed by negative emotions

By our devotion, remove the veils that hinder clear seeing

Remove the obstacle of ill will and negative actions

Remove the obstacle of clinging to ego and transient things that cannot be relied upon

Remove the obstacle of getting caught in the snares of the world

Remove the obstacle of denigrating others

Remove the obstacle of not understanding how precious we are

Help us to realize the empty nature of phenomena and rest in

The blissful Bodhicitta that is the source of every useful thing

Noble Tara, compassionate mother of beings

Inspire us to be like you

Fearless in suppressing poisonous negativity

Inexhaustible in positive actions for others

Always victorious, joyful and immeasurably kind

By our devotion, please send your blessings

In your white aspect, you grant prosperity, comfort, long life and peace

In your green aspect, you remove obstacles on the path

and show the way of enlightened activity

With your left foot extended, you are always ready to act for beings in need

In all your aspects you are master of skills and medicine

Endowed with power to cure the ills of the living

Tara, compassionate and nurturing one

As long as our devotion remains

Mature us in your nectar of boundless compassion, wisdom and love

                           Let us understand it to be our own nature

Help us gain confidence in the view

Help us rest assured that it is so

Help us to be inseparable from you

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

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From Heidi Trondsen KTL sangha in Norway, working for Shenpen Tibet Aid in India and Nepal.


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  1. Karma Norbu Avatar
    Karma Norbu

    Beautiful! Thank you. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punye Jnana Puktim Kuru Soha.

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