Rebirth of the Soul

Desperately trying to exclude,

The mists of choice, fury, like from dislike, voices of opinion,
All of which rattle,

The demons that make the path unstable.

Not easily discarded, they are strong and persistent,

Unable to be destroyed,
Awareness is the only weapon,
It can keep them at bay.

Awareness over time will over come,
It will adapt, flourishing

Branching through to a want to be free soul,

Finally the inevitable occurs,

 Free from the thoughts of yesterday the demons are banished,

Locked away into a vague memory,

At the forefront of acceptance

A new flame glows in sight,

Around it is perfect emptiness,

This is a new root, a new beginning,
All shall be created from this,
The rebirth of the soul.

[Patrick wrote this poem as an appreciation and gift to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at the end of the recent teaching on Holy Island.  The poem was read by Cesare. Ed]




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