Hello dear friends and readers of Many Roads.

We’ve had several interesting and thought-provoking articles posted in the past few months by new contributors.  Mindfulness and Me is an honest depiction of how one can realise late in life the benefits of meditation and self-realisation by Gopal Lama; a fable about the meaning of freedom by Lama Rinchen, Eagle’s Wings, takes us to a land where the eagle’s predicament alludes to a condition with which we are all too familiar; A Prayer to Avert Nuclear War by Chatral Rinpoche focuses the mind on the dangers in the world today; and a review of the Reggio Emelia theory of education in Children’s Spirituality in two parts by Paula Schonberger invites us into the world of education for children; Linsey Friedman also shares her views on the death of a friend in The Three Interrelated Ds in the poetry section there is the touching Rebirth of the Soul by Patrick O’Brien and read at the end of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching on Holy Island; and lastly, Angus Ogilvy’s well-crafted Four Poems.

The recently submitted articles by Liz Kemp on her visit to Kenya, Art Skills Training Workshop in Kenya and Kumanga Andrahennadi’s  Water:The Essential Spirit of Place, will provide plenty food for thought.

Lastly, Dr Sangita Rajbhandari’s beautiful photographs of Flowers of Nepal.

Reviews on film and literature and especially any photographs you would like to submit are welcome.

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Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy time wherever you are.

P & L


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