The Vajrakilaya Puja of the Khon Lineage of the Sakyapa Tradition; 
Sakya Centre, India



Message: Hello,

Here is a poem which fits with your Many Roads Poetry Section. It is

written for my teacher, His Holiness Sakya Trizin


Revealing Manjushri


The deity, deep in its realm


of pure perfection, compels me –


with folded hands; the fruit’s essence


comes forth in me.  Serenely, as a swan


bowing into gods eternal mouth


of golden fortune –


in this interior, a celestial mandala


a center of unsayable bliss


never-ending, nor beginning, in brilliance.



Further, I have just had my full length book of poetry published

“Prostration of Love.”


Look forward to hearing from you.


Eliza Bishop/Ngawang Lhakyi


Eliza Bishop

Born in the states, Eliza now lives in Berlin.  She has been an Iyengar Yogini for 11 years, poetess, performance artist, yoga and meditation teacher, and film editor.

Her full length book of poetry, printed on handmade paper from Nepal, “Prostration of Love” can be found on  her website:


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