(Written by Maeve O’Sullivan on the month long retreat with Donal Creedon and Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at the Bodhicharya Retreat Centre, January 2017)

January sunshine…

leaves still falling

roses in bloom 


humming a tune…

I haven’t played a guitar

since Kathmandu 


‘Meditate on the sun’:

his words on page 99

awash with sunlight 


teaching on emptiness –

the wind fills a curtain 

for a short while


evening meditation howling jackals break our silence 


change in the weather –

three pairs of stripey socks

in the yoga room


 thunderstorm   its eerily quiet aftermath 


morning silence –

inside, pans clattering 

outside, the thrush’s song  


the day after 

Rinpoche’s departure –

cloudy and cool


breakfast outside:

would you like some scrambled egg

little green spider?


chanting from a Hindu temple  St. Bridget’s Day


last day of retreat:

gusts of wind release leaves

onto the newly-swept path 


Dubliner Maeve O’Sullivan’s work has been widely published and anthologised for twenty years. Her collections  poetry (Vocal Chords, 2014), are from Alba Publishing.


Maeve O’Sullivan’s new collection of haiku poetry, A Train Hurtles West, is available from the publisher, Alba Publishing ( 30% of profits go to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s charity Rigul Trust ( You can find Maeve on Twitter (@maeveos). Her blog post Why Haiku? is available here: bogmanscannon


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